Working with our dogs

All work at The Haven is designed to socialize our dogs in preparation for their new homes. This can range from picking up in their yards to familiarizing them with collars, leashes, or halters. Or, it can mean giving them more hands-on attention and TLC. Whatever the job, volunteering on site is all outdoors and guaranteed to get you dirty! As such, nice clothes are not recommended, and volunteers must be willing to spend their time with energetic dogs who are longing and learning to be friends with visitors. Volunteering at HALAH represents the true meaning of the phrase "it is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!"

Volunteering at our Adoption Events

Check theĀ AdoptablesĀ page for the next adoption event.

Help with Transport

Transport to and from adoption events

Group Projects

Welcomed for classes, organizations, or offices who wish to help HALAH in other creative ways.

Do you want to volunteer?

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