Our Story

Norm and Joy Yadon unintentionally founded Home At Last Animal Haven when they moved from their home in Dallas, Texas to rural Godley in 1976.  There they came across so many abandoned or friendless animals wandering beside the roads of Johnson County.


Founders, Norm & Joy Yadon

As long time animal lovers,

they could not leave the thirsty and starving animals they saw. Even more heart wrenching were those dogs waiting for their previous owners to return, sitting by the road exactly where they had been dropped off, still watching for their owners to return for them.

Norm and Joy began bringing home one or two animals at a time. They became totally devoted to the cause, once they had picked up several homeless dogs and cats. Soon, their life was limited in scope by the care they were providing these animals, and their finances were impacted. Their long-desired move to the country became complete devotion to providing a haven for the animals they helped.

After 14 years of going it alone,

Norm and Joy finally decided to take the first step toward receiving donations. In 1991, Home At Last Animal Haven, or HALAH, was born and became an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3)  non-profit, tax exempt organization with 100% of all funding coming from charitable donations.

Today, Norm and Joy’s legacy is an ongoing lease of their 20 acres for $10/year to HALAH. As a result, all donations are used to provide food, shelter, and care for the animals at The Haven.

Norm passed away in September of 2006 at 83 years young, and Joy died a little over 13 months later.

Home At Last was their existence, their love, and lifelong passion.

It is now run by their family, headed up by their son, Court, who has been a fixture at The Haven for over 30 years.

Norm and Joy’s goal was for every dog to adopt a permanent family and finally be Home At Last!

Founders, Norm & Joy Yadon

Home At Last Animal Haven, Inc.

A second chance at life for friendless animals since 1976