If you met Ranger you would love him!! If your dog is looking for a playmate, Ranger may be the one. Ranger is 70 pounds of love with a big smile and wonderful temperament. He would enjoy a nice dog as a playmate (Ranger has fun days at Doggie Day Care and play dates with his young Shepherd friend). Ranger is housebroken, enjoys his time inside, but is happy to run and play a bit outside. He rides well in a car, likes his toys, and loves people. Ranger is enjoying life with his Foster Family (including a mature dog and older cat), but he really wants to settle into his permanent home. He is “a super sweet boy” (according to his Foster Mom) just waiting for his new friends and family to become his forever home!


Ranger is all healed now, but he was a brave boy when survived a gunshot wound through his front paw and nearly had his leg amputated. He has a limp at times, but he doesn’t notice or care, and hopefully neither will his new family. Ranger came through his long hospital stay with the same sweet temperament he had going in, only now he has a front paw with a story. Ultimately he lost two toes, so one paw is smaller than the others. But his heart is BIG and full of LOVE! We’ll do a home visit to make sure our favorite boy has the perfect home to call his own. What a sweetheart! Ranger is in Foster, so not available at the Halah grounds. He will be at PetSmart adoptions or email Home.At.Last.Animal@gmail.com for details.

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