Adoptions are normally held every weekend from 9:30 AM until 2 PM or by appointment at Halah.

Please come out to the Home At Last grounds to adopt one of our dogs into your family, or as an addition to your pet family We have all ages, sizes, colors, and mixes from which to choose. Staying in their home environment is less traumatic for our dogs as they can stay and play with their yard mates and don’t have the stress of being transported.

Home At Last Animal Haven is an animal rescue hoping to provide a second chance at life for friendless animals. It is a rustic facility where dogs romp and rest together in huge yards. The normal luxuries associated with many animal shelters are not present at Halah. There are no tiny sterile cages where the animals live while hoping to be adopted before their time runs out. Halah has no roof or tile floors to protect visitors from getting dirty. It is a Haven for animals to enjoy life in the country air, with birds overhead, earth beneath their paws, and playmates to keep them company, while considering the move to a personal, loving family home if one is offered. For many years both dogs and cats were available for adoption at Halah, but it has gradually become dogs only.

Home At Last Animal Haven began on a little piece of land out in the country purchased to build a small home. Over thirty years ago, Godley was a very rural area far removed from the cities of the Metroplex. This property was chosen due to the small tank (pond) sitting near the road, which now provides a home for many turtles, a few fish, and a quick swim for personal dog residents. The property has been enhanced by numerous years of planting trees for shade, beauty, and breeze. The fences creating the dog yards were constructed in various dimensions for grouping similar breeds or sizes as well as providing shade.

The dogs and puppies at Home At Last enjoy the open space of their yards. They like watching all the activities going on around them. Those dogs who are adopted into personal families seem to make an easy transition into house training, recognizing the outdoors as the familiar place to “go”.

If you aren’t able to adopt one of our friendless dogs to take home with you, feel free to virtually adopt one of our wonderful wagging tails by making a monthly donation to Halah. We have many monthly supporters.